5 Star Service: Results

In every business, the end result is what matters most. And in real estate, it is especially important.

I am here to help sell your home or help you buy a home. And at the end of the day, that is what matters to my customers. I stand on my pillars of business to help achieve great results for them. The process I follow and the tenets I run my business by have been proven over two decades of experience to produce results that meet our customer’s needs.

To illustrate the results we can provide you let me share some of the sales statistics we have achieved:

  1. Average 56.88 sales a year
  2. Average sales to list price ratio of 98%
  3. Average days on the market of 59 days
  4. Top 10% sales agent in Northeast Florida throughout my career


And there are many more I can share with you too!

But to best illustrate how I produce results let me share a recent story with you. Last year I was contacted by a home seller who had their home on the market for 2 years with 2 separate agents who could not get their home sold. After talking with me and meeting to discuss their home sale the sellers decided to list their home with me. I was going to be their 3rd agent in 2 years!

When we met we had a frank discussion about expectations for their home sale. We talked about how I could maximize the marketing and value of their home through proven tactics to get their home sold. The sellers were wary at first but appreciated my straight forward talk and candor. They did not want to budge on the price of the home which I stressed was not realistic in the market. So, I said let’s try it your way for 2 months. If the home sells great. But after 2 months we adjust the price and market the home the way I want to and see what happens. The sellers liked the different approach and we put the home on the market.

Sure enough, 2 months later the home had plenty of showings….and no offers.

So we adjusted the price and marketed the home using some proven tactics that I know work.  Next thing you know offers started coming in. After some long negotiations, we were finally able to get the home under contract and close right before the end of 2020. It was a successful result for the sellers! We maximized the exposure of the home as well as its value and got the sale done.

It can sometimes be hard to understand the reality of a given situation and these sellers were no different. I was committed to working with them and producing the result they wanted. It just took time and a better explanation and understanding of the market to get the sellers across the finish line.

These are the results I love! Every day I look forward to a new challenge in my work and I take great pride in getting results.

I would love to hear from you about how I can get the best results for you!