Creating a Florida Friendly Yard

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Tired of fighting with your lawn? Don’t sweat it anymore, make your lawn Florida friendly! With the summer heat and rains, all homeowners in Florida can agonize over the constant maintenance of our yards. Heavy rains bring lush green grass but it also means more frequent lawn cuts in the sweltering heat. To alleviate the need for the weekly lawn cuts many …


Mortgage Pre-Approval Vs. Pre-Qualification

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Pre-Approved? Pre-Qualified? Ethan Gregory, REALTOR, helps to clear up the confusion when it comes to mortgages. In the real estate world, we throw around terms like “pre-qualified” or “pre-approved” all the time and use them interchangeably. But in reality, there is a good difference between the two in regards to a mortgage. A pre-qualification letter is a statement from a lender …


Concerned About Rising Interest Rates?

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There is rising chance that there will be mortgage interest rate increases in 2018. With the economy and employment doing so well it appears the Fed will raise interest rates that will trigger a delayed rise in mortgage rates. To avoid paying higher borrowing costs it makes sense to buy a home now and save in the long run. Even …


Tips to Help Save for a Downpayment

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For many aspiring homeowners, the largest hurdle to overcome is to save enough for a downpayment. To achieve the dream of owning your own property most loans will require a downpayment of cash to be able to approve the loan. Options vary between putting 3.5% to 25% down on a home, so saving your money prior to looking for a …


New Years Resolutions

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With the beginning of the new year comes hope and promise for great things ahead in our lives. To help stay on track, many of us pick a New Years resolution to stick to throughout the year. Whether it be kicking a bad habit, making healthier lifestyle decisions, or improving your personal relationships, a solid new years resolution can help …


Shortage of homes for sale?

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Here a few tips to make your offer standout The real estate market in Jacksonville has been red-hot for the past couple of years and is not showing any signs of slowing down. The high demand for homes, affordable mortgage rates, as well as the growing economy has created a shortage of home for sale in the northeast Florida area. …

Wish List

Home Buyers Wish List

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With the Christmas season fast approaching it’s time to get your wish list together. Our loved ones want to get us a gift that we really want and providing a list to them is certainly helpful and many times much appreciated for those difficult people to buy for. Much like the holiday season, it’s important to give your Realtor a …