Being Thankful For Your Home

With so many blessings to reflect on in this holiday season I thought I would focus on how we can be thankful for our homes. Many in this world are less fortunate than us as Americans and we should give thanks for the many positive things our homes bring us. When considering how wonderful your year has been to date don’t forget to think about how your home effects your life in a positive way.

  1. Your home brings a sense of place – There is a certain sense pride that comes with owning a home and calling it your own. Giving you and your family a safe and welcoming place to be together during good times and bad builds a wonderful sense of warmth and comfort in our daily lives.
  2. You’ve made a wise long term financial decision – Over time most homes will appreciate in value. Maintaining your home well will give you the keys to long term value growth that you can leverage into another home purchase or even retirement.
  3. You can design and decorate however you want – Being able to make your house a “home” is something we all desire. Whether it be a complete remodel or a simple paint job creating a space that you and your family enjoy is important. Having the flexibility to make it your own creates a feeling of comfort that fits your lifestyle.
  4. Being Close – When you chose your home did you consider how close you were to work? Or to friends, family, favorite activities etc? We are so limited with time in our busy lives that it is paramount to pick a house near to what is important to you. What is your house close to and how does that effect your life?
  5. Repairs – Last but not least are you thankful for not having a huge repair to undertake this year? Especially with recent hurricanes here in Florida we can be thankful if our homes were not affected. Count your blessings if your home was spared any large insurance claims or disaster.

Being thankful is an important part of this season so be sure to sit down with your loved ones and go over all of the great things in your life.