Choosing A Realtor In A Hot Market

Right now the real estate market in northeast Florida is hot! And, it has been for a few years. A booming market brings an influx of new Realtors with hopes of easy money or HGTV dreams of what a Realtor’s job is like. Needless to say, it takes hard work to be successful, and it is rarely like what you see on TV. With new agents entering the market you might be concerned with the experience and professionalism of the agent you hire. Working with a professional full-time Realtor is the way to go.

Why you should work with a professional Realtor

A few years ago, I was contacted by a home seller who was unhappy with the Realtor they had chosen to list their home. After listening to the seller’s concerns, I looked up the home on the MLS. The home was priced competitively but the listing was horrible. What I saw on the MLS did not reflect what a professional Realtor should put forth as their best effort. This was a $400,000+ listing and the photos appeared to be taken with a cell phone and not by a professional real estate photographer. The description was lacking any good information (and was only 2 sentences long). And worst of all the Realtor forgot to include the home had a half bath. The seller went on to tell me that they don’t think their Realtor had ever shown the home themselves or worked full-time.

All of these things told me the seller had chosen someone to sell their home who was not a professional. They needed someone who was committed every day of the week to sell their home and present it in the best light possible. After meeting with the seller and taking the listing, I was able to sell the home in under a week! With great photography, good descriptions, accurate information and prompt communication,  I was able to exceed the customer’s expectations.

The professional difference

As you can see, haveing a professional Realtor represent you in the sale of your home makes a big difference. Working with someone who understands your market and what it takes to sell your home is paramount in today’s market. Things are moving fast and when you list your home it needs to look its best right off the bat.

I look forward to working with you to get your home sold!