Creating a Florida Friendly Yard

Tired of fighting with your lawn? Don’t sweat it anymore, make your lawn Florida friendly!

With the summer heat and rains, all homeowners in Florida can agonize over the constant maintenance of our yards. Heavy rains bring lush green grass but it also means more frequent lawn cuts in the sweltering heat. To alleviate the need for the weekly lawn cuts many homeowners have switched to a “Florida Friendly” yard. They require less weekly maintenance and are better for the environment too!

The main concept of a Florida yard is to use native plants and vegetation in a designed landscape to enhance the curb appeal of your home. At the same time this type of yard will use less water, require less maintenance and give your home a unique look that stands out in the neighborhood. Here are a few tips and links to get started:

1) Form a plan of how you want to design your yard. Most plans utilize beds of native flowers and plants with space in between beds filled with either pine straw or vines for ground cover.

2) Research native plants for your climate. In Northeast Florida pick out native plants that grow easily and look good. Think of using Milkweed or Black Eyed Susans for flowers. Climbing hydrangea vines can give a fence or wall a nice pop of color.

3) Consider low-flow irrigation plans. Some plants will require more water than others so consider planning an irrigation system in the yard with drip hoses that regulate the water flow to a slow steady pace so less is wasted.

4) Install a rain barrel and compost barrel. Catch all that abundant rain water with a rain barrel that pulls water from your gutter’s downspout. This is an easy and cheap way to get hose water. Also, install a compost barrel for old food and yard debris you can use to fertilize the yard.

5) Set up a maintenance plan. Florida yards require less maintenance but are not maintenance free. Set up a seasonal refresh of the flowers and make time to weed the yard where needed.


To help, here are a few links for information on a Florida-Friendly yard.

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Best of luck with the new yard!