Duval County Public Schools: a quick guide

How do you know if the schools in the neighborhood you have chosen to move to are right for you?

Ethan Gregory, Realtor, has put together a quick resource guide for you to find out more

When families make the decision to move picking a home in a neighborhood with great public schools is often a top priority. In order to help find the right school and understand the school grades, I’ve put together some helpful links!

County School locator – You can type in the address of your perspective home and see what your local schools

Duval County School grades – A comprehensive listing of Duval County Schools and their grades

Duval County School calendar – Duval County School Calendar including first and last days of school, early release and holidays.

List of top-ranked schools from US News and World Report – US News and World Reports listing of top ranked schools for Duval County

Zillow school information – School reviews as provided by Zillow.com

These helpful sights can help guide you in the right direction when choosing a home!