Ethan’s Boiled Peanut Recipe

Ethan’s boiled peanuts
2-2.5 pounds green peanuts
1 crab boil bag (make sure to get the bag and not the loose spice)
3 peppers cut into strips (I like one red, one green, and one yellow for color)
1 small to medium onion cut into strips
1 jar green olives depending on how many you prefer (olives only not juice)
1/2 to 3/4 cup salt
1/4 cup pepper
Add jalapeños, cayenne pepper, or hot sauce for heat to preference
Place all items in a crockpot and fill with water to the top of the pot. Stir to dissolve the salt and mix items. I normally start these at night on the low setting and leave until the morning. To help keep the moisture in I place a piece of aluminum foil under the lid to cover the entire pot.
In the morning taste the peanuts for doneness and flavor. I usually keep the salt, pepper, and spice moderate and add in more at this time if needed. If the peanuts are really fresh they’ll soak in more spice and salt and less will be needed. Let sit on low to finish or kick it up to high if you have to get them done.