Finding the right Realtor to work with

When you begin your home search it is important to begin by selecting an excellent licensed Realtor in your area. Having expert guidance to help with the home buying process from start to finish is paramount when making the largest investment of your life! To paraphrase an axiom of what many great leaders of our time have said, “I hire people smarter than myself because I want the best help I can get”.

Here are a few tips to use when finding the right person to work with:

  1. Feel free to ask a lot of questions – Its the Realtor’s job to provide good information and insight on your needs and areas of interest
  2. Don’t just go with the first person you talk to – You’ll feel more confident in your choice if you have a few to choose from
  3. Have a good feeling of rapport with your selection – Being comfortable with your Realtor is important. You need to feel OK asking tough questions and discussing good or bad issues with your Realtor so be sure to feel like you can trust them
  4. Is your agent local – Many times a Realtor may not know the specific area you are interested in
  5. Hire someone who is connected – A good Realtor has contacts from every area of expertise from contractors, title attorneys, lenders, advertisers and more


Once you find the right person to work with give them time to find you the right home and make sure to get pre-qualified. Most Realtors will not take on a new customers without them getting pre-qualified through a lender first. This helps determine a viable price range to start your home search so that is always the next step after you select your Realtor.


Happy house hunting!