Gifts to give your Realtor This Holiday Season

Gifts to give your Realtor

or, how to be a good homebuyer/seller


The Christmas season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about the gifts we want to give to our family and friends. We all love opening up that special gift or seeing the look on the faces of our loved ones when they open ours up. Not only are there physical presents, but there are also the gifts of time and talent. And look no further than your favorite Realtor when it comes to talent! LOL.

Instead of a physical gift this year, think about you can be a prepared home buyer or seller. As a Realtor, I can say there is nothing better than walking into a person’s home or meeting with a buyer for the first time who is prepared. When a customer is educated or has taken steps to get ready for the home transaction process it makes everyone’s experience much more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about the gifts you can give your Realtor to be a great customer.



  • Have a plan of where you will move to. Be prepared with what your future plans are once you no longer have that house.
  • De-clutter and get rid of junk. It’s time to start getting the home show-ready so go ahead and trim the fat with unwanted items in the home and yard.
  • Renovate, paint, or otherwise spruce up the house. Sometimes a Realtor can be a great resource for what to do before listing. But, sometimes things obviously need to be done before listing the home.
  • Have the regular maintenance items completed such as pumping the septic tank, pressure washing the house and driveway, fixing leaky sinks or toilets, etc.



  • Get preapproved. This is always the first step in buying a home. You need to know how much you can afford before you start the search.
  • Roughly know where you want to live. Drive the areas you think might be of interest in your price range. While driving think about things like what is the amount of time it takes me to get to work from here? What shopping and groceries are nearby? What parks are nearby?
  • Consider your needs in a home. It’s not just the beds and baths that make up the house. Do you have any hobbies that require an indoor or outdoor space? Do you work from home and need an office? Are movies, cooking, games, etc. important spaces in your home?


So this season spend some time thinking about how giving the gift of thoughtful consideration and time can be to your favorite Realtor!