Your New Home Workspace

Working from home a lot lately? The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a lot of workers in their homes, making for some creative home offices. You may feel great that you still have a job during this global crisis but at the same time feel the stress of working from home. With distractions, family, and much more there can be a lot that makes working from home not ideal.

One major issue is that a lot of people do not have a dedicated workspace in their homes to concentrate in. Working from the dining room table or couch may be fun at first but it quickly loses its appeal. A current home buying trend I’m seeing is people looking for homes that include a home office, and I expect this trend to continue long term. But what if you are not in the market for a new home or can’t afford a large addition? Let’s talk about some ways you can turn a room of space into a more work-friendly environment without blowing your budget.

  1. Consider a solid core door – If you have a bedroom or other room you are using for your homeoffice a great suggestion is to improve the door. Most interior doors are hollow and do not block a lot of sounds. If you have family or loud pets at home while you are trying to work upgrading to a solid door can help reduce noise.
  2. Improve the lighting – Your home’s lighting is likely set up for a comfortable warm feel and soft light. While most workplaces have bright florcent lights to keep you alert. Consider installing brighter cool tint light bulbs, or purchasing a lamp for your workspace. This way you can feel more alert and not get sleepy on those long afternoons.
  3. Use an ergonomic chair – Many worker’s make-shift homeoffices use their current household chairs. If it looks like you’ll be working from home for a while longer try upgrading to a nicer chair that will help keep your psoter good and work productive.
  4. Conceal your desk – Do you have a desk leave out and open when work is done? Work can be stressful and images of work can increase your stress levels without you even knowing it. Consider buying a desk that closes up. That way you can hide your work and not have to see it once you are done for the day. This can help reduce your stress and come back to work the next day more refreshed.
  5. Create a break space – Do you have a favorite part of your house you love to relax in? Consider improving that space so you can take quick breaks from work and walk away from the grind.


There are lots of great ideas that you can implement to make your new home workspace your own. Take charge of your home office by personalizing it to your needs. With higher workplace satisfaction you’ll likely be a more productive worker too!