I Love Jacksonville!

I love living in Jacksonville! I grew up here in Jacksonville, and after attending the University of Florida, I decided to make Jacksonville my home. From its shining beaches to its unique neighborhoods there is so much to love about this great city. So in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up let’s talk about the reasons I love Jax!


  1. The Weather – I love hot weather. And, I can’t stand cold weather. So living in Jacksonville gives me an opportunity to live in a climate that stays warm most of the year where I can enjoy the outdoors and wear shorts whenever I want.
  2. Outdoor Activities  – Going along with the weather, I enjoy staying active outdoors. Whether it is going to parks, the beaches, or working on projects outdoors there is always something to do. Jacksonville offers the nation’s largest city park system with things to do ranging from swimming, kayaking, boating, hiking, games, sports, and more.
  3. Affordability – Jacksonville is a great place to live on a reasonable budget. The home prices are achievable with a living wage in the area. Transportation, parking, food, and retail are all manageable for most people. And, you can still travel to almost anywhere in the world. With an international airport in the city traveling on a budget can be done easily.
  4. Southern lifestyle – I like to joke that Jacksonville is the capital of South Georgia. We are more of a “southern” style city than we are a large urban South Florida metropolis. The slower laid back feel of the area comes with this southern charm and makes it great.
  5. The people – We may be the largest city in the U.S. but we are also the people with the biggest heart. Philanthropic giving and kindness are a hallmark of the people of Jacksonville. Whether it is donating time, money, or just a helping hand the people of Jacksonville are warm-hearted and kind.
  6. Unique neighborhoods – With being the largest city in the U.S. comes a number of different neighborhoods to choose from. Whether you like the fun beach lifestyle, suburban family atmosphere, or trendy up-and-coming neighborhoods Jacksonville has something for you. Each area has a different feel and being able to experience so much every day is wonderful.


I hope you love Jax too and will take a little time this Valentines to think about how much you love this city. Happy house hunting!