New Years Resolutions

With the beginning of the new year comes hope and promise for great things ahead in our lives.

To help stay on track, many of us pick a New Years resolution to stick to throughout the year. Whether it be kicking a bad habit, making healthier lifestyle decisions, or improving your personal relationships, a solid new years resolution can help motivate you in the coming year. Not to mention the great feeling of accomplishment when you reach your goal!

For many of us our homes are our largest investment. Here are some ideas for a way to include your home in a new years resolution!

1) Tackle that big remodel you’ve been aiming for. Maybe its a complete kitchen remodel or minor furnishing improvements, no matter the extent of the project improving your home will pay off. Not only for resale but also consider how long you will be living in the home before you decide how large a remodel to make. The National Association of Realtors has provided a quick index of some of the best return on investment for remodels.

2) Spruce up the landscaping! You may not realize it but your mood can be affected by the look of the home you come home to every day. If your landscaping and home look beautiful you will feel in a better mood than if the front of your home looks drab and tired. Consider giving some “pop” to the front of your house so you can be excited to come home every day and see your castle!

3) Keep a clean house and delegate tasks with the whole family. House chores can sometimes be the most onerous part of our week. To alleviate the stress set out a schedule for you and your family members to complete weekly and monthly tasks around the house. You can even pick up new tech tools to help around the house like a Roomba, Nest thermostat, or self-cleaning appliances. If you feel like splurging hire a cleaning person. Taking the chores off your shoulders can free you and the family up for more free time.

4) Be more active in your community. Join the community HOA or start a voluntary one if your neighborhood does not have one. Meeting your neighbors and organizing events can help improve the overall neighborhood.

5) Set a plan to save money for your next home. Set a target amount you need to save and begin setting aside that money on a monthly basis. When the time comes to move you’ll be happy you created a savings account to help with a new down payment and moving costs.


In 2018 resolve to make your home a priority!