One Size Does Not Fit All

And the same is true for Real Estate! My goal is to provide the best personalized service every time.

One thing I am deeply committed to and feel strongly about is personalized service. Far too often in our society, we can feel like a number or just the next person in line when doing business or needing customer service. That is why I have made tailoring my service to meet the customer’s needs a priority. You will not get a one size fits all approach when working with me. I listen to each customer and formulate a plan for them, just as unique as they are.
When first sitting down with a customer I have one job, to listen. The most important thing you can tell me is what is important to you. What do you need? What are your goals with your home purchase or sale? What is your lifestyle? And, how do you want my services to work best to fit your life? These are just a few questions I ask my customers during our initial conversation.
From there we tailor the listing of your home or home search to fit your particular needs. For example, when listing your home for sale there are a lot of pre-listing activities you can do such as inspections, repairs, marketing photos and videos, detailed disclosures, de-cluttering, and so much more. Those take time and planning to reach your goal of selling your home. On the other side, some sellers I meet with are ready to list their home that day. Regardless of a cohesive plan. At each listing appointment, I am ready with a listing agreement and camera to get your home on the market that day if need be. It’s all about being ready for whatever a customer needs and being able to meet their expectations.
When buying a home it is especially important to tailor a home search to what you are looking for in a home. Many times home buyers might have an idea in their head of what they want in a home. But when buyers actually get out and see homes it can open their eyes to different things they have never thought about. That’s why I always feel it is important to look at a number of homes initially with a new customer. Meeting at multiple homes and narrowing down what a home buyer wants really helps the buyer and especially me learn what is wanted in the home of their dreams. From there a unique plan and search can be put together to really target what interests that home buyer.
It’s all about that personal touch! Actively listening and engaging with customers is a hallmark of great service and I look forward to providing it for you.