Quick Home Fix-Up Tips During Covid-19

 Were you thinking about listing your home this spring and Covid-19 put a hold on your plans? Many people were but now it appears there is light at the end of the tunnel. More stores, businesses, parks, etc. are opening up and it might be time to list your home soon.

Though you may still be wary of having contractors come over to your house just yet. And, with all this free time at home that you have, it may be a good idea to spend some of it getting ready for your home to be on the market.

So let’s go over some easy and quick updates that any homeowner can do to even during this pandemic.


  1. Upgrade the doorknob and lockset for your front door. This is the first impression that people have to go into your house. A modern or eye-catching lockset can give just the right pop to the entryway. Also, make sure the locks and doors work easily. The last thing you want is the Realtor or buyer struggling for access when the home is shown.
  2. Landscaping! First impressions are key when selling a home. Make sure you mulch and weed your beds. Keep the grass looking green with some fertilizer. Trim the trees and bushes. And, give the curb appeal a little color with the flowering plants.
  3. Pressure wash driveway and house. You would be amazed at how grimy your house and driveway can get over the years without even noticing. Rent a pressure washer and go to town. You’ll love the color and shine your home has. Buyers will too.
  4. Touch-up paint. If your home’s colors are already neutral then go around with a brush and touch up scuff marks and stains on the walls.
  5. De-clutter your home. This is always a big one. It can be hard to get rid of stuff you have accumulated over the years. Though if you do it before the home is listed it makes the packing up and moving much easier. Don’t neglect the garage either. It doesn’t need to sparkle like the interior of the home but it should look organized and useful for a buyer.
  6. Highlight a home office. More and more companies are warming to the idea of their employees working from home. Take advantage of this trend by highlighting a work space at your home. Do you have a separate office? Or maybe a separate room that can be used for an office? Consider staging this area like an office and making a little work sanctuary that can appeal to buyers.
  7. Wash the windows. I know, this sounds boring. But, you’ll be surprised at how much better the room lights up or how much clearer you can see outside once you clean the windows. Especially the outside windows which gather dirt and debris. A cheap window washing kit sold at home improvement stores can help do the job easily.
  8. Install a flag pole. A great way to add a little pizzazz to a home is with a mounted flag pole on your home. I recommend placing an American flag on the home since it appeals to just about everyone’s home shopping. Though if there is a unique flag you want to put up it is OK to showcase a little personality. Just be sure whatever flag you choose does not turn someone off from your home (sports teams can do this)
  9. Change out the kitchen cabinet drawer and cabinet pulls. This is easily done with a screwdriver. Maybe consider new pulls that make your home look more updated. This can be done affordably and give a nice touch or color pop to otherwise dated cabinets.
  10.   Clean! If it’s been a while since your home had a deep clean now is a great time. Since you have been likely spending more time at home you may not realize some of the cleaning items that have bene neglected. Renting carpet shampoo machines is always a great idea to make older carpets shine again and to remove smells from the furniture.


Whatever you do, the work you put in today will pay off when the home goes on the market. Take some time to write down the most important things to do in your home and come up with a plan to get them done. Be ready to place your home on the market when the time is right!