Safe Ways to Cool-Off this Summer in Northeast Florida

With the hot summer heat starting to roll in we are all thinking of ways to help cool off. But Covid-19 is still occupying a lot of our attention so how can we take advantage of the wonderful outdoor water activities that Northeast Florida has to offer? Here are a few ideas and tips of places to go that might be less crowded than a busy public beach, water park, or state park:

  1. Consider renting a kayak for the day – Kayaks are great because they can take you places you have never been to before. From hidden inlets to shallow creeks you are sure to find a secluded place to cool off.
  2. Blackrock Beach – Located on Big Talbot Island along the Amelia River this park offers a secluded beach with gorgeous downed trees that offer a unique beach experience. With almost no waves and limited parking this location is a great place to picnic, take photos and go for a little swim. Tip: Visit at low tide. –
  3. Fishing trips – If you’ve been aching for a day on the way consider hiring a boat for the day. Typical fishing charters hold 3-8 people per boat and are an affordable way to spend the day on the water and bring home some dinner!
  4. Look for the small springs – Many of the larger springs around Florida are state parks. Search for the ones that are maintained by local cities or counties. These smaller ones tend to have fewer people at them. Here is an example of one on the Suwannee River in Branford – And another one at Troy Springs,


Whatever you do make sure to stay safe when enjoying the nearby water attractions that Northeast Florida has to offer!