Spooky Truths About Homes; Your not so haunted house

Have you ever walked into a house and had that chill run down your spine? Or, felt uneasy just by stepping through a doorway? Have you ever thought that a house was haunted?

The good news is that you are not alone! Every Realtor I have ever talked to agrees that there are some houses that’s just “feel” different when you walk into them. Whether it is a foreboding feeling or something that outright scares you. It is something that is hard to put a finger on but we have all felt it.

When viewing or inspecting a home it is hard to quantify if a house is haunted or not. But, there are spooky things with houses that can be explained. And some not! Here are a few fun facts and ideas about spooky houses.

  1. A seller does not have to disclose if a home is haunted. Even if a seller or buyer hires “professionals” to determine if there are supernatural occurrences in a house it is not a fact that has to be disclosed.
  2. A seller does not have to disclose if a murder, suicide, or other grim event happened in a house. That is, as long as the grim event doesn’t affect the condition of the homes. For example, if a gruesome murder were to occur in your home and have your property plastered all over the news you are not required to disclose that to any buyer. Now, a buyer may find this out through a google search or nosy neighbor but it is still not something a seller has to tell you. If this kind of thing creeps you out though it is something you can cancel a contract over during the inspection period. In most contracts, the inspection period is relatively open-ended so if you find out a home is haunted make sure it is during the inspection period so you can back out.
  3. Scared of the creaks and bumps in the night? While those sounds can certainly arouse suspicion they normally are just normal house noises. As houses heat and cool throughout the day, the wood in them can sometimes swell and contract. These spooky sounds of creaks and groans are normally just the wood shifting and rubbing together. Or maybe just the AC rattling something. These noises are more common in older homes where they were intended to “breathe” more. Many older homes, especially ones with crawlspaces, are intended to circulate air underneath the house and through ventilation in the attic. These areas can be more susceptible to temperature changes.
  4. Ever feel the wisp of a ghost pass by you in a house? It could be a spirit residing in the home. Or more likely, there is a draft somewhere. Proper insulation of a home is important to control the temperature environment inside a home. Many times rubber or plastic seals can wear out over time. This can lead to a drafty area in the home. These chilly areas may be spooky but the odd feeling you get is more likely your body’s reaction to a quick temperature change.
  5. Do you have a door in your home that opens on its own? It could be a ghost passing by. Or it could be your foundation has settled. The most obvious place to tell if you have foundation issues is around a doorway. If a door starts sticking shut or opens without you pushing the door you may have foundation issues. These can be minor and left alone in a lot of cases. But, if the settling is severe you may have to call in a foundation specialist to correct the slumping.


What’s fun is some home buyers like the idea of buying a home that is haunted. On some older homes with a dark history, I have seen Realtors highlight the fact that the home may be haunted. Many buyers like the history of the home along with its interesting past. Even if that past means taking on a few spooky extra tenants at night!

Happy Haunted House Hunting!