The Dog Days of Summer

It’s HOT!

With August we enter the dog days of summer. Many of us have finished up our summer vacations as we get ready to enter the school season. With that comes a more regular routine and “back to normal”. But not before we drag ourselves through this stifling heat and humidity that NE Florida brings this time of year.


Summer’s for Traveling

Before we discuss ways to beat the heat, here is an update on what our family has been doing this summer. We have had quite the adventures all over America! We spent 10 days in Alaska which was terrific. From epic hikes to helicopter rides it was fantastic. There was even still snow and ice in the mountains during the summer.

Alaska is such a beautiful place in the summer and I would recommend it to anyone who has the time to go.

After a short stint back home we went and stayed with my Aunt in Lake Martin, Alabama. It was another glorious week filled with boat rides, swimming, hikes, and plenty of play. This area is a hidden gem in America that my family has been visiting since before I was born.

And now it is back to the grind of working with valued customers.


Speaking of the grind, here are a few tips to grind through those hot summer days

  1. It seems like this time of year there is no way to get your house completely cool during the middle of the day. With the sun beating down and oppressive heat, it feels like your AC is working overtime. To help with that do an energy assessment with JEA. This is a free service our utility company offers to help you better understand how to improve your home and save on your electricity bill.
  2. Some of the tips most homeowners use to improve their energy efficiency include upgrading your AC ductwork, adding more or different insulation, adding curtains around your windows, or even tinting your windows.
  3. If you need to get out of the house to cool off try visiting these Florida springs. They flow with water direct from the Floridian aquifer and stay cool year-round. Nothing feels better on a hot day than a cool dunk in one of these springs.
  4. If you have a sweet tooth and feel like you need a cool down try my favorite ice cream shop in Jacksonville. The Dreamette has been open since 1948 and is a Murray Hill institution. They offer the best soft serve ice cream with dips, shakes, sundaes, and more.

I hope your summer has been great and you are able to make it through the dog days of summer!