Walkable Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s Best Walkable Neighborhoods

Tie up your sneakers, and get out and enjoy your neighborhood!

One of the best ways to enjoy a neighborhood is to get out and walk around. Exploring the community on your feet really slows you down and gives you a sense of the neighborhood’s character. While walking, you’ll notice so many more things about the houses and the surrounding community. Plus, it is a great way to get exercise and have a conversation with a friend or partner.

In real estate, we talk about “walkable” neighborhoods a lot. While you can walk through any community, some areas are more conducive to walking. These communities typically include sidewalks, access to parks, proximity to shopping and schools, plus road speeds that do not threaten walkers.

In Jacksonville, there are a handful of walkable neighborhoods that stand out. Many home buyers seek out communities that are walkable and consequently, those communities have higher values. So, when seeking a new home you may want to consider what is walkable from the house. And, if the benefit of a walkable community fits your lifestyle and budget.

Here is a list of neighborhoods in Jacksonville that are considered walkable. Most are located in historic or older areas since that was the design aesthetic when these communities were developed.

  1. Springfield – Jacksonville’s first residential community offers some of the most walkable areas of town. Located approximately a mile from downtown Jacksonville the neighborhood was designed in the same grid pattern as downtown. This features the central corridor of Main St. with shopping, restaurants, and nightlife all within walking distance of every home in the historic district. Additionally, there are multiple parks and schools within the community.
  2. Riverside and Avondale – If you love sidewalks then you’ll love the historic district of Riverside and Avondale. Boasting what may be the most miles of sidewalks in any Jacksonville neighborhood this gorgeous area actively encourages you to get out and walk. From its interspersed parks, multiple small and large shopping districts, multiple schools, and unique homes this community is meant to be walked through to enjoy.
  3. Murray Hill – Up and coming into the conversation of walkable communities is the area north of Riverside and Avondale known as Murray Hill. Still undergoing re-gentrification this community offers a more affordable price point. The main corridor of Edgewood Ave. is coming along with new shops and restaurants every day. That coupled with its central location and beautifully designed homes invites you to walk through its parks and streets.
  4. San Marco – Formerly known as South Jacksonville the San Marco community was designed and built with a walkable central community center in mind. Starting with the Shoppes of San Marco the community branches through parks, residential streets, and even the Southbank riverwalk. Offering fantastic views of the St. Johns River the community connects schools, shopping, and businesses with residential homes for many miles.
  5. Town Center – This may come as a surprise to some people in Jacksonville but the St. Johns Town Center is a walkable community. While many of us drive in and out for shopping there are multiple communities in the sprawling development. Featuring condos and townhomes the area offers living within a stone’s throw of one of the largest and most successful shopping districts in the U.S. Plus, surrounding communities including UNF and easily bike-able to the town center.
  6. Jax/Neptune/Atlantic Beach – Last but not least the beaches community offers great walkability. A large portion of the area is set up in a grid design with the main thoroughfare of 3rd St./A1A acting as the central shopping/business/restaurant area. It’s common to see people walking from their homes to the beach carrying surfboards and chairs to enjoy some of the best beaches that Florida has to offer. All of this is close to schools and family parks.


Whether walking is part of your regular life or you are looking to add a fun exercise to your new year’s resolution walking in your neighborhood is great. You will come to appreciate the community even more and enjoy your time while doing it. Get out and take a walk today!