What does Five Star Service mean to you?

On a lot of our marketing, you may see the phrase “Five Star Service”.  But what does this mean to you? It means we believe in providing the utmost excellent service to all of our customers and every day strive to achieve that goal. While the phrase “Five Star Service” may sound hokey or just a simple online review catchphrase it actually means something to our team. Not only do we want five-star reviews from our customers, but we also have a plan in place to achieve those reviews. The service we provide is reflected daily in our work and commitment to your home sales goals. Let’s talk about the 5 pillars of our service that we stand behind that make it Five Star!


  1. Communication – This is probably the biggest key to our success and what makes or breaks any good company. We pride ourselves on fast and accurate communication. And most importantly, we listen! Making sure to listen to your concerns and needs is first and foremost in what we do. Everyone’s situation is different and we need to tailor your home sale or search for you. Keeping an open line of dialogue with customers is paramount to achieving great results. When problems arise or questions leave you wondering what your best course of action is, we are here to help and talk you through the situation. Making sure you always feel comfortable reaching out to us is a big priority for our company.
  2. Knowledge – With over 16 years of professional real estate experience as one of Jacksonville’s Top Realtors, I can tell you I have seen it all. Educating my customers is one of the most rewarding parts of being a Realtor. It’s worth taking extra time to help customers understand every aspect of their real estate experience. You’ll walk away knowing you and your home have been protected by the latest information and practices along with utilizing the experience I provide.
  3. Professionalism – Let’s be honest, realtors have about as good a view from the general public as attorneys, politicians, car and insurance salespeople. We battle that misperception every day with our team. Our reputation is built on integrity and trust. We strive to offer unbridled access to the most up-to-date information and keep our actions as transparent as possible to our customers. We treat everyone with an equal amount of respect and attention needed to help make your transaction happen. On our team we keep the famous Golden Rule as our guiding light in our actions: Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  4. Personalized service – One size does not fit all in real estate. Everyone’s personal situation is unique and requires an attentive Realtor to find and address those needs. In every transaction, we look to provide the customer with an experience that leaves you feeling appreciated. Too many times in our modern society we feel like we are talking to a robot or someone who only wants to get off the phone or move you through the customer line as fast as possible. On our team, we strive for empathetic responses and answers to all customers along with individual attention.
  5. Results – The final product may be the end goal of your home search or sale, but it is last on our list of Five Star Services for a reason. We feel that if we can provide you with excellent service from the first 4 stars then the results will come! With a proven track record of sales and years of service, we have shown that we achieve results every day for our customers. Whatever your goals are we are there to help you achieve them!


Now that you understand what “Five Star Service” is, we’d love the opportunity to show you personally what it can be like!