What Ethan is Thankful for in 2021

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I really enjoy spending time with family and remembering all the things we are thankful for throughout the year. Enjoying delicious food, conversing with family, and watching football have always been great traditions in my family. We usually spend the day after turkey day with a trip to a local park or other events we can all enjoy together. It’s a great way to get together and spend time away from our busy lives.

This year is no exception and I want to focus on what we can be thankful for with our houses. We spend so much time in our home and many of us have converted our work or exercise spaces to be at home as well. So let’s take some time to talk about what we can be thankful for with our houses.

Over the past year and a half of the Covid pandemic, many homeowners have taken on remodeling projects. With more time being spent at home a lot of us decided we wanted those spaces to be better. This year are you thankful for a new kitchen? Or new addition? Did something simple like freshening up the paint in your house make the space feel new again? A lot of hard work, time, and money goes into these projects, and now is a good time to take a step back and be appreciative of those blessings.

This year did you find a new use for a space? In my house we did. We re-arranged the family room to give my wife a dedicated sewing space in another room while freeing up a little more play area for the kids. A bonus of this led to her being able to put an exercise bike in the family room to get a workout in while at home. I am thankful that both she and the kids are happier when we spend time in that room together now.

One thing I know we can all be thankful for is having a roof over our heads. There are so many unfortunate individuals out there who struggle each day with securing a place to live. We don’t think about it daily but I believe we need to have some gratitude for one of the basic necessities of life, a place to call home.

I hope you and your family have a lot to be thankful for this year and I look forward to the holiday season. Have a great Thanksgiving!